In a world of chronic pain does massage therapy suit all?……No

Pshaw, Grrr, how can you £$@@ing say that as a massage therapist?!?! Is what massage therapists everywhere will be saying. Their form of therapy might be suitable for all but what I am writing about is from my own experience as a touch therapist. While I have the ability and the skills to adapt my work to suit all I do not believe one size fits all.

We are all different and so is our pain.

What works for one may not work for another.

Some clients require a lighter touch while others respond to deeper work.

Some do not respond at all while others go skipping out of my treatment room.

I do not have all the answers, I wish I did. I am always happy to refer a client to another health care professional who I believe can help them and I only ever refer people to others I know and trust.

I got into clinical massage therapy to help with chronic pain and I DO believe in what I do and how it can help but there are many cases where someone will benefit more from say Osteopathy right now and massage at a later date. This is why I do consultations, if I believe you will be better served by seeing your GP, a physiotherapist, an osteopath etc then I will recommend one to you. I have sometimes sent people directly to another therapist.

Something else to consider is that not everyone wants to be touched! Sometimes physical pain needs to be approached mentally, so to that end I am looking to add the mental side of living with chronic pain to my therapies and am dipping my toe into the water of counselling for chronic pain management. I am also in the process of setting up a local support group for those living with chronic pain with the help of an amazing lady who like myself lives with pain and also feels there needs to be more support out there. So watch this space!!!

P.S. These views are my own and in no way represent massage therapy as a whole, this is not a scientific report just some of the thoughts that enter my head. Thanks for reading.

P.P.S. Massage is great, you should try it.