About Me

Hi, I’m Gretchen,

an Advanced

Clinical Massage Therapist

Pain Management Massage is a dream I’ve had but never thought possible.

AHA!!!! The light bulb flicked on and I knew what I wanted to do, help people like myself out of pain or at least lessen it.  After months of searching  I found a massage school just down the road from me, Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton.  After an initial phone conversation with their student adviser I signed up for an introductory course.  I very excitedly told my hospital consultant about my plans to train as a massage therapist and was greeted with a grimace and warned that with my injury I would not be able to do it.  This warning was also repeated by my physiotherapist, osteopath and my doctor.  Unswayed by the overwhelming negative reaction to my plan I attended the massage intro course in Brighton.  Jing are different!  They use a fusion of Eastern and Western massage techniques combined with Tai Chi stances to do bodywork. The result being, no strain on my back injury, I repeat NO STRAIN!! No pain, not even a niggle! Pure sorcery, nope just the combined experience of 2 of the most amazing  instructors you’ll ever meet!

Pain Is The Enemy

I have been in chronic pain for 4 years after an accident damaged my back. Having tried many different forms of treatment ,including medications, I saw an Osteopath who performed some advanced clinical massage techniques and after a few treatments my pain lessened and became more manageable.

            This is a CT scan of my L5 nerve root injection

This is a CT scan of my L5 nerve root injection

Qualified ACMT

Long story short I attended the full course and am now a qualified advanced clinical massage therapist!

I love what I do!  Its not often you hear someone say that about their job but in my case its true.  There is no better gift than helping to relieve pain, or help someone suffering from stress to relax.